Can a Pass Labs XA160.5 Drive a Set Of Thiel CS7.2

I have a pass Labs X600 which is being used to drive a set of Thiel CS7.2's. I'm considering upgrading my amp to either a Pass Labs X600.5 or a Pass Labs XA160.5. Everyone seem to love the XA160.5's. However, I'm concerned that the XA1605.5's won't have enough current to drive the big Thiels. I've had Threshold T400's and Pass Labs X350 paired with the Thiels in the past and I was unsatisfied with the dynamics.
Go with the X600.5.


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Sounds like you enjoy the power of power amps thus I hafta agree with Unsound. The Class A amp would likely give you something different on thaural palate, perhaps richer tone, but the loss of driving power would prolly bother you in the end. There is always a sure way to find out. Make friends with a good Pass dealer and try the two amps in your system.
I was surprised about the power and control of the XA100.5 which I own for 2 years. I know many amps of more than 300 watts p/channel who does not have this drive. So I guess the 160.5 will have more than enough drive. X600.5 could be a nive match as well. I am thinking about to buy these this year as well.
Mark at Reno Hi-Fi will give you good direction here. I would talk to him. He offers free in home trials; just pay shipping back and forth if you decide to send them back. You can try the XA160.5 and if not what you are looking for move on to the X600.5's ...

I know Mark well and have purchased a lot of Pass Labs gear from him. I would love to be able to do an in house trial. However, shipping the amps to Ohio is expensive and risky.
Yes it is but then you will have answered your question for yourself.... Or perhaps talk to him and see what direction he steers you in .... I have also found Kent English from Pass to be an excellent source of information as well...
I've been listening to Thiel speakers of every level since 1994. The two things I've learned is that you MUST stick with the highest quality gear up front and that they always improve with more power. Anything less than 400 wpc is silly for the 7.2's if you want them to sound like the world-class speakers that they are. Room size is irrelevant. They eat watts for breakfast.
Does anyone know what the XA160's actually put out at full Class A/B power? If it's anything like the XA30.5, it will likely be much more than the 160 Class A watts.

What don't you like about the X600s? Do they have enough drive but they miss some Class A refinement/nuance and tonal richness? IOW, are they a bit dry or thin. If so, then I think this is what the X600.5 will improve upon.

I agree with the others who suggest you start by contacting Mark or Kent.
How loud do you listen to music? 86 db efficient speakers... Biamp your system, keep the X600's for the woofers and the XA160.5 for pure class A only in the mid and highs.
Jebsmith73, The Thiels dont allow for biamping.
Thresholdman, I tried both the 600 and 350.5 amps with my CS7.2s. I thought the .5 series was the better sounding amp, but didnt control the speakers like the 600 monos did. I would think the 600.5s would be the best of both worlds and they would be my choice if I was picking Pass Labs amps for them.
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When dealing with that kind of money, $300 shipping is worth the knowledge.
Don't forget the XA200.5s. :D
My personnel view is that either the XA160.5 or the XA200.5 would drive the 7.2's very well as both amps provide large amounts of current. But not knowing the type of music you listen to or the loudness level and room size/acoustics it is anyone's guess. And I agree with Harri009 that for the kind of money we are discussing the shipping costs re trivial.
Thanks for commenting on this thread. I think I'm going to go with the X600.5's. In the past I've talked to Kent at Pass Labs and he was at a loss to explain why the X350 could not drive the Thiel's adequately. The X350's sounded fine on acoustic music or small ensembles but the sound stage would collapse on larger scale (many instrument playing simultaneously) pieces. My system is in a great room which is 20 by 40 feet. I might give Kent a call before I place my order. I listen to rock, blues, and Jazz and I value dynamics. Most folks drive the Thiels with very large amplifiers.
Congrats on your purchase! I felt the same way when trying both the 350.5 and the Ayre V-1xe (200/400 wpc). Completely different speaker with the X600s and ended up with the Krell 650M monos. I'm wasnt in any where near the size room your in and still felt the 7.2s didnt open up to what they should without huge power.
I talked with Kent at Pass Labs and he recommended the xa200.5 or the x600.5. He did not recommend the xa160.5 for the Thiel's. I ordered the X600.5's and will fire them up on Friday.
We will keep open ears and open eyes for a mini or regular review on the new amp. Congats on the purchase no matter what.
Does anyone know what the XA160's actually put out at full Class A/B power?

I believe there's 6db of headroom in AB, so that means 640 watts at 8ohm
I take that back. there's 6db for the xa30.5, but measurements of the xa100.5 were less than 200w total

so I'm not sure what the xa160.5 can do

did you receive the Pass amps?
if so, how is the listening experience?
I got the amps a few weeks ago but I have not had the time until recently to listen to them. I'm satisfied with the amps. They are more detailed, accurate, and have more control of the low frequencies than the X600. They seem to be able to create more separation between instruments.
Break-in is bound to take at least a month or two on amps of that size. What does Pass recommend?
Right On! The Thiels really shine in the instrument separation catagory when fed proper amplification.

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