Can a new system re-ignite my Audio Fire?

It's been awhile audio fans, but I'm back!! Been dabbling with various sitting room systems consisting of mainly NAD and Totem products. The most interesting gear I brought home was a pair of B&W PM1's...exquisitely musical and refined. I also owned an ARC VSi60 which was nice but left me wondering where's the beef? the den I go!! Bigger room and better chance for a realistic soundstage again. My gear you ask? Well I'm gonna tell ya anyway, dangit! Speakers are the new B&W CM10's...sublimely open (oh that tweeter) and tonally realistic with articulate bass. For amplification I went with something old, something new, something powerful and something blue (the readout is blue anyway). Old as in the name...Krell. New, as in the recently released S-550i 64lb integrated which boasts 550 watts into my 4ohm CM10's. The Krell actually sounds warm and extremely dynamic with great color and expression. As for the source....I bought a recently upgraded Krell SACD Standard MKIII from a "friend" for quite the deal...especially considering the new MKIII's went for something like $6K or more before they were discontinued. I owned one several years ago and missed it terribly:( Cables are Transparent and usual fair. Everything is still raw, but it sounds like I am going to be in for a very good time...I will keep you posted as things progress. Happy Audio Trails!!
How was the fire drowsed in the first place?
But I hope the fire lights up your life and continue to burn for a long long time.
Good Luck!!
what is your source? if cd, i say get a turntable to reignite your fire
Do what I did, walk away from the hobby and listen to your crappy phone or ipod for a while, then revisit your system. You will be amazed at how much better it sounds that what you remember. Sometimes in this hobby its easy to get caught in the weeds and forget that its all about enjoying music in whatever way you enjoy. Enjoyment can come from a simple desk setup or a $100K SOTA rig. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy it.
If I'm off base regarding your situation my sincere apology. When the emphasis(obsession) is on the sound of the equipment more so than the music being played there's the potential for burnout. You rarely read posts about people losing interest or becoming disillusioned with music, components are another story. If I'm off base then just ignore my post.
However you got back is fine as long as you're enjoying yourself.
Sit back and let it all soak in: that's what it's for.
Go listen to a lot of live music, reinforced and non, whatever genre. Pick good venues. That will give you a reference.
You probably need to discover new music :)
I bought my Doshi Alaap (Preamp) because of it's shiny four knobs and the fact that I would need to use both of my hands simultaneously (not while chewing gum) to adjust the volume, which I felt would make me feel more connected to the music. It turns out that it's tubes also serve as cute little night lights. An extra added benefit of which I had not anticipated, is that it happens to make the music sound very good, indeed!!!
Yes, it is about the music, indeed!!!
Enjoy this Thanksgiving my friends
I've been a musician and an audio fan for years (since 1966 or so...I started young), but the musician gear has gotten in the way of the audio thing in some decades since it's also been a job. Now I can happily afford both GAS problems and the good news is that it's all better...more hifi options to play with, and more and often better made guitar stuff to wail away on. The information available makes it better too as you can find things easier (and find out ABOUT things). Having time to dial in a great hifi is extremely self indulgent which is good because so am I!
Not entirely clear to me what aspect of your "Audio fire" got extinguished but I'm inclined to agree with those previous replies that suggested chase music rather than gear. My equipment is in dry dock right now due to a renovation project. Been listening to headphones off MAC for the last few weeks. Found some great stuff on YouTube and MixCloud - new and old, ambient and pop. This time of not having access to my system has been something of a reminder about what really matters in the listening experience. It's the music that makes it all live. (But I'm sure I'm not saying anything you don't already know). Hope you find something that brings the magic back for you.
I'm using a recently modified Krell SACD Standard...the only CD player I have ever boned up to. New music is a great idea actually....burned out on the same old fare! I do have a turntable to hook up as well....another excellent idea. The "Fire" probably dimmed about the time my parents and Grandparents started to move on from this Mortal Coil:( This Thanksgiving feels right to get back in and dig some and my family:)
An update on my Krell/B&W system...huge, dynamic, exceptional micro dynamics and get this...WARM sounding! Sounds very much like my ARC VT200MKII did driven by an ARC LS25 preamp. Completely opposite of what one would expect of high power solid state gear. Krell and B&W are definitely finding their Mojo compared to previous offerings..TBC!