Can a new Cambridge 540p be so loud?

I just got my restored Dual 1219 with new old stock shure v15 type 2 up and running. I am running it through the cambridge 540p and can't believe the rumble. Ground for the Dual is fine and I checked with another turntable (which is 3 times louder). Is it possible that the Cambridge is this loud?
What are you running the Cambridge 540p through?
Sorry, I'm running through a Mod Squad line drive passive preamp on to Bang & Olufsen Penta 3s. I have done some component isolation and do not think I am having any issues with these. thanks Markus1
Is it switchable from MM and MC?
Cambridge 540p is MM only. It is plug and play only, thanks Markus
I've done some further testing with two other systems and determined that the issue is not the phono preamp. The turntable is picking up some kind of vibration/resonance and that is causing the rumble. Has anyone experienced this and have any suggestions as to how I might eliminate 80/90% of this? The tt itself is suspended inside a walnut box. The box sits on some legs with felt at the bottom. Is it a more mass thing ( this is based on the fact that higher end tt weigh 40+ pounds? Is it a vibration isolation thing? Any advise would be great?
If you like the sound of the 540P, maybe you should consider upgrading to a 640P, it has a rumble/subsonic filter.
What does this filter do to the rest of the signal? The signal sounds just fine but this rumble just sucks! The way the tt sounds now I can't even listen to it. Would loading the money gun help or is this just a flaw in the tt?
There is no comparison between the 540 and 640. The 640 is way better (I own one). You need to try a different phono stage before throwing more money at the problem. I love the 640 but your table may have issues with Cambridge?
I have this rumble isolated to the idler pulley. I will wait for parts before I mess around with the phono stage. This does not have anything to do with the 540p.