Can a MC cartridge be used with a MM preamp?

I am considering upgrading my analog rig from a MM cartridge/TT (Clearaudio Aurum Classic Wood/Clearaudio Emotion) to a MC cartridge (Dynavector 20XH/VPI Scout) setup. I am currently using a Creek OBH-8 preamp which is dedicated to MM cartridges. Since the Dynavector is a high output MC (2.5mV) will this work with the Creek OBH-8?
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Yes it should.
Probably. But I wonder if "high output" MC pickups that are made to operate into high impedance preamps retain the qualities that MC pickups are known for. My advice is stay with a good MM, or jump into the deep end with a new preamp and a "real" MC pickup. (Bring your checkbook).
Only if you are installing a HO version of the MC cartridge. My experience has been that the HO(High Output) versions are not as detailed or sensetive as the standard versions of the cartridge. I would stay with the MM unless you want to buy a MC pre-amp as well.
I'm afraid that I'm w/ the other guys on this - if you want to use a MC cart. then go the full length & get a low output MC cart, MC phono pre, load the MC cart. correctly. The real reason to go to MC cart. is that their music presentation is more refined. The HO MC cart. don't really give you this & it's just a mental satisfaction that you own & use a MC cart.

In this case, I'd recommend you the best MM cart. you can afford & use that. I feel that you will get the more pleasure going this route.
Ditto what Eldartford, Theo and Bombaywalla said.

To make a HO MC they either have to increase the size of the coils and/or increase the number of windings. Doing either defeats the point of the MC design, which is to minimize moving mass to allow better groove tracing.
I used the Dynavector 10x4 High Output version with a MM phono stage and it sounded terrific. It may be true that a low output MC with a MC stage might be better, but that is another investment. I think you'll be very pleased with the DV 20XH and the MM stage. (I did upgrade to the DV XX-2 and a MC phono.)
Thanks for the feedback. I'll likely try the MM preamp at first and then find a dedicated MC preamp. It's not a huge investment so I'll start looking soon.
I have a dynavector 10x4 as well, and love it. (seencarv above). I have no doubt the high end moving coils are better, but this $400 cartridge is giving me immense satisfaction.

P.S. - could you respond to "Am I smart or am I stupid"
It's a thread from a guy who is using an antique pre-amp as his phono stage. He thinks you have to spend 3k to get a pre-pre. Please tell him about your creek, which is...$220?