Can a Marantz SA-1 be converted to DAC?

My Marantz SA-1 CD transport has gone out. Can the SA-1 be convert (needs Digital in) to be used as a DAC?
Anything is possible...question is whether you get the right person to do it. I would start by asking some of the better known Modder's out there. Also, try Audioengnr here who runs his own digital company.

The question is: a) if you could repair the transport in your CD player would you still be looking to add digital in?

If not, you might find that a MUCH easier thing to do. Retrofitting equipment is do-able but tougher than just fixing/replacing transport (providing of course replacement parts are available)...which i admit may/may not be easy).

b) are you sure you wish to stick with equipment that half of which is now not working? If you retrofit the Marantz, and the DAC somehow malfunctions, you got a real problem then!

Food for thought. Good luck.
My understanding is the CD transports are not available any more. So, it is trash the SA-1 (sell for parts?) or try to get some value out of it by converting to a DAC.
If you're still looking for the SA-1 laser replacement, there is a couple available on eBay NOW which works on my SA-1 (I bought to keep it as a spare part). Make sure you get the one from England with HPD28... on the label. Don't get the laser from other two store as it won't work (I tried).

Note: I'm not affiliate with the party that have the part on sale - only try to help an A'gon member.