Can a ic be sent back to...

a company to have shortened and reterminated? I'm looking at a pair of ic's for sale but they are twice as long as I need. Thanks for a response. Regards, Bradz
yes, many companies will do this but best check on the price before you commit. there was a thread some time ago that reported on an astronomical price for cutting and retermination. -kelly
Bradz, if they are twice as long have both pieces terminated and sell the extra to recoup your costs. Just a thought.
Hello Viridian and all...that was my thought exactly...keep a pair and sell a pair! Have to call the company tomorrow and find out how much retermination is and if it will be worth it. Will let you know what happens. Cheers.
Tara wanted $35 to reterm prism 22 cables, fair perhaps, but the local hi-fi hut charged $20 for a decent job...
harmonic technology wants $25 per termination. for the going rate of a used truth link i figure it's prably smarter to get some good RCAs and DIY. which brings the question where to get good connections and silver solder to do the work with.
do it yourself
Please note that if you wish to do it yourself some cables use a laquer on the conductors themselves that must be burnt off before the conductor can be tinned. Many conventional irons just don't get hot enough. Contact the manufacturer before proceeding.
Some "boutique" solder, Wonder, WBT, etc. is 4% silver and hard to work because of high melting point. Cardas is easier, has a lower melting point. I've been using Radio Shack 'High Tech Rosin Core' 62/36/2.Part #64-013, 2% silver. Very easy to work and cheap. Both the Welborne and Michael Percy sites play down any sonic advantage to silver content but both sell 3 or 4 "boutique" brands. Michael Percy, BTW, generally has best prices on most everything including connectors.