can a Hong Kong product be used in Europe

Im thinking about voltage.. is it the same. i hear they have 220v, as do we in Europe.. but Japan has also 220v, but in 2 different they cant use southern products in the north or so.. anyone know about this?
Japan uses 100 volt for most audio equipment at 60hz.
Of course Hong Kong is in China but you can get a voltage convertor.
Japan is 100V, some of the country is 50Hz, some is 60 Hz.

Hong Kong uses 200/220V 50Hz.
hmm,, here we have 220-240v. 50-60hrtz. so i guess i can use a HOng Kong amp here then..
You don't say where you are but you don't have 50-60Hz.

You have either 50 or 60 Hz.

The voltage is not that big of an issue (200 vs 220 vs 240) but some devices will not work correctly if the Hertz aren't correct. That is less of an issue as we become more universal and devices are designed for a global market but it can be an issue so you need to know. I suspect you are 50Hz if in Europe and that is the same as Hong Kong.
hello again. sorry. im in Norway. i dont know much about this, but i was sertain i read 50-60hrtz on a product once. but that might be it. maybe the product could accept both 50 and 60. hope that you are right so i can use the Hong Kong stuff here.
If the device uses a DC motor or has no motor, frequency won't matter. If the motor is AC then frequency will matter.
Isn't the frequency in europe 50Hz anyway - if so, you can just change the cord or get an adapter for your country. As far as 50 vs 60 Hertz, a turntable that uses a AC Motor wont work. But many other electronics work ok with either 50 or 60 Hz. A Power Transformer that is rated at 60Hz will draw more current at 50hz because of less inductive reactance.
A turntable with an AC motor will work but the speed will be different. A different size pulley or a frequency adjustable power supply such as VPI's will fix it.