Can a heavy tonearm be agile ?

Recently, there has been a trend to suggest that heavier tonearms are "better". The likes of Fidelity Research/Ikeda are highly appreciated in this regard. I can understand that these heavier tonearms may sound more stable and grounded and may even track better but are they agile enough ? I have heard some of the lighter tonearms like the 47 Labs RS-A1, Naim Aro, Rega RB1000 and recently the Basis Vector 4, they all have one thing in common, music sounds very agile through these arms. The sense of speed, timing and flow stands out on these tonearms, there is a bounciness in the music which feels more groovy and upbeat. Is it a trade off that we have to accept between heavier and lighter tonearms or are there heavy tonearms which can also be upbeat and agile ?

Before someone points out, I know TTs also affect the agility of the sound, but keeping the TT constant, in my experience tonearms also have a huge impact on speed and timing of sound.
Either types of arms can work just fine. The trick is in matching the cartridge's compliance with the tone arm's mass. Either type of arm can be very satisfactory if properly matched to the cartridge and vis a versa. BTW, this is scientific, i.e. very reliant on the selection of and understanding of the spec's of both components and the set up process. FWIW.
Newbee, is it that simple ?
yup, it is
Gosh, I don't know if the RS-A1 is "one of the lighter tonearms". That large counter-weight dangling at some distance from the pivot point would add in a big way to the effective mass. But in general, I also think it's foolish to make such generalizations as "heavy tonearms are better". The tonearm and the cartridge have to work together. How well that pairing functions is going to be determined by cartridge compliance as well as effective mass, though not always according to the well known formula. Just IMO.
Pani, Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. It is anything but simple! Set up can be a bitch depending on your expectations and the equipment you choose. Some might call set up an art!
Of course. By self-defence for exaple.
Not sure how a tonearm can be agile or not or why it would be useful to describe a tonearm in those terms.

Stylus and cart could perhaps be described in those terms.

Tonearm provides much of the foundation perhaps that allows cart/stylus to be "agile" in tracking, which is the goal, or not.