Can a fuse affect sound quality in my Classe Amps

I've replaced the 8 amp fast blow fuses in my Classe DR-15 amps after I blew them with the cheapest 8 amp fuses you can buy (they're slightly different than the fuses that were in the amps but the same recommended 8 amps) and I've a suspicion that the sound quality has deterioated slightly? Is this possible or is it all in my head? Can you buy better quality fuses that improve sound? Thanks.
There are audiophile grade fuses, Cryo'ed fuses and sand filled fuses. You will hear a lot of differing opinions from others about them. I tried Cryo'ed and didn't hear any difference.

BY ALL MEANS: Find out why the fuses blew. The subject have been discussed/debated a couple times before. There are those that have not tried the high grade fuses, but feel they MUST share their unfounded/untested opinions anyway. Ignore them. THEN: The Cable Company has their Hi-Fi Tuning fuses on sale right now ( If you don't try them, you are depriving yourself of an audio revelation. Of course: There are variables in system resolution, individual hearing acuity and individual ability/training with regards to critical listening. If you heard a difference with the cheaper fuse, there's no doubt you'll notice a difference in presentation with the Hi-Fi Tuning, Isoclean or Furutech fuses( Whether you like the difference or not is another matter. In my system they improved the over-all organics(more realism) of the sound. I've no connection to the Cable Co. or Hi-Fi Tuning, other than being a happy customer. Happy listening!