Can a Dynaco ST-70 run Vandy 2ce's?

I suspect I know the answer here, but I put the question up for your comments. Anyone ever bridged an ST70 and used two in vert. biwire?
I have run my 2Cs with my original condition ST-70 and it worked pretty well. The 2Ces are not that different from the 2Cs. The tweeter is different and they reach a little lower in the bass. The impedance is the signature Vandersteen 6 ohm. Almost anything will drive them.
My second system currently includes a Dyna Stereo 70 ( GSI Triode Mod,which reduces output to 25 WPC )and it sounds great as long as I don't push it too hard. If you're going to use a pair of ST 70's,I'd strap them in mono rather than using them as stereo amps in a vertical bi-amp set-up. It will definitely work,but sound quality will depend on how loud you want your music. Good Listening Bob