Can a DVD player be used as cd transport?

Is this a dumb question? Can you use the coax digital out
of a DVD player to drive a standard 2-channel dac at
16/44 playing a normal cd? If yes does anyone have any
suggestions or experience with differing results between
DVD players? How about entry level players versus more
expensive ones or DVD player versus a cd player as transport? Thanks for the help.
They work fine. Obviously the cheaper players have really cheap DACs so its beneficial to use the dvd player just as a transport. They both have the same playing features.
Check out
A DVD player makes a good transport for CD. DVDs have to be more stable than CDs when they spin for them to perform well, so a cheap DVD player will probably have a more stable transport than a cheap CD player.
I use a Sony DVDP-S7000 and the DACs in my Acurus ACT-3. Haven't auditioned others, but the Sony 7000 and 7700 have always gotten good reviews as a transport...they are very well built. You can pick them up used for $350-500.