Can a Classic Speaker be better ?

Is it possible for an old classic speaker be better than a current breed of speakers? What is your experience and though in this? One good example is the Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage. It is what I called a 'classic' speaker. Can they be better than the current new breed speaker ie. the Cremona Auditors? The Cremona Auditor has a newer drivers with higher frequency response, and being newer it has the advantages of having new technology being implemented at a cheaper price. If the two speaker were to place side by side, without consideration of price or age, What will your pick be?
I think the old Klipsch are a good example. The magnets in the originals (when Paul Klipsch ran the company) were considerably larger and the speakers sounded much better.
I think you will get a lot of yes answers to this post. Some of the classic speakers that sound great are now sold by more mass market companies that have reduced the quality. Also, sometimes the manufacturers change drivers and the speaker sounds worse. I didn't hear it personally, but it was reported that the Wilson Watt/Puppy 6 wasn't as good as the 5 whereas the 7 was much better than the 6. I'm sure there are many examples.
thats why they call them classics..the large advent..the epi 100...the allison 1/2/4/cd6...the jbl 100/4311/4312...polk sda's...the ar3...ls3/5's of all varieties..the dahlquist 10..and dare i mention it,the bose 901
Perhaps, but do keep in mind that cones do wear out. Especially those supporting large magnets.
Avalon Eclipse's..still one of the better ones.
I still use my Mission 70's with my analog system. Analog is perhaps where "classic" speakers sound best.
Well my Spica Angelus thoroughly trounced some Spendor S3/5s in imaging, midrange .... everything the spendors are well known for. So the answer is an emphatic yes.
Can't imagine a world without my Dahlquist's DQ-10's and DQ-28's