Can a Cary SLI-80 power Martin Logan Spires?

Hi a=gonners,

I just got my ultimate speakers, the ML Spires. I love the sound of Cary's SLI-80, and ran my JM/Focal monitors with it very well, with plenty of power. Those speakers are rated 89 effeciency.

Will the Cary provide enough juice to run the Martin Logans? Medium sized room; great variety in music.

Any advice will be welcome. Also, how good are the Jeff Rowland integrated amps????


A friend has these. The main problem is the impedance curve, which drops to .9 Ohms at 20KHz and also very low at the bottom end according to the HiFI News measurements. The transformer in tube amps should deal with this better than most transistors.
By the way, if anyone is interested: THIS COMBINATION IS UTTERLY FABULOUS.
I am using an SLI-80 with the ML Vantage, which shouldn't be too different. I have to agree with Rustler - it is a transcendantly good combination provided your room is not too big.
I have a Cary SLI-80 Signature fed by a Sony XA-9000ES feeding ML Aerius i's, and peeling off anything under 40Khz to a small powered Paradigm sub. Setup is a 13.5 x 14.5 room, speaker are 30" off the back wall, 36" off the side walls...obviously a nearfield setup. In triode mode, anything but metal and Mahler are a perfect blend of 3d projection, air, detail, etc.... Ultralinear mode helps if you hit higher than needed volumes, or are playing hip hop, metal, Mahler's 8th, etc. I've been through numerous amps and this combo continues to raise the hairs on my neck. No shortage of power. Hope this helps...
I agree fully what have been said about this wonderful INT amp. Lovely tonal presentation and excellent control of most speakers including difficult ones. One of the best INT amps, IMO.