Can a boron cantilever bend?

recently bought a new Benz Micro Cartridge and it arrived with the sylus appearing slighly bent. I called the retailer and they said that they sometimes come direct from factory like this and that a boron cantilever cannot bend, it only breaks. does this sound right? they said grados and others with aluminum can bend, but the boron cantilevers only break, and that this cartridge was fine.
boron is a very light and stiff material, used as a stylus it is certainly within reason for it to break if used or cleaned in a rough manner. i'd like to think coming from the factory the quality control folks would catch something like this.

is the stylus straight but at an angle to the cartridge body? the stylus could be true and the suspension may be a bit off...not sure if its possible to "move it" back into place.
Dear friend: I can't give a direct answer to your question.

What I can do is to ask you: what kind of problems in the quality sound reproduction you already have with this cartridge ?

If you don't have any and that's means that the cartridge is having a good playing performance, then you don't have to worried about.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Boron is a type of gem stone, like a diamond, from what i understand, so bending is not something that is possible, so i would say that boron could break, but not bend.
it sounds fine so i havent worried about it. i trust the retailer as i've done tons of business with him ( but i was just curious and wanted to make sure. i have the KAB azimuth adjuster and its sitting fine in the groove, just looked a little funny. thanks for the info, much appreciated. when you spend a lot on a cartrifge, you want to make sure its a-ok! thanks all.
I would go to the dealer;assuming he has that cartridge up an running,an compare,see, what his looks like. (And would demand nothing less--You know, the old "famialiarity breeds contempt".)