Can a Bluesound Node 2i power supply really be upgraded?

I improving its components, not with a YOUR preferred streamer brand...;-)
Sure, you can upgrade the C-7 power cord. We all get that.

But, what about the power supply.
I only see 3 options:

1. Fidelity in UK
2. Some dude in Poland selling on eBay
3. Rumors of Teddy Pardo making one for the Node 2i.

It has to be DIY for the first two and not really what I'm looking to do with my streamer - I mean, if i'm going to to a DIY LPS upgrade, I'd like it to be easier to buy.

Anybody know anything or actually made it work?
i posted this question to others on this thread, have not received any answers

for those who did the power supply upgrade on your node 2i, is the improvement you heard in the digital output clarity -- or is the improvement at the analog output?

in answering, please describe the rest of your system - dac (if applicable), amp, speakers in particular

thanks in advance
I use an external DAC and find both the PD Creative modified Node2i and new NODE tremendously improved. I’ve just added the Sbooster lps to the NODE and it’s a Significant upgrade as well. My system is listed near the end of a similar thread (see post 8-17-21) here:
Btw, as a stand alone streamer I find the NODE a notch or two above the 2i (Mean Well smps powering each).

i have had a miserable time with the Ifi Zen Stream getting it to work in my system for what ever reason.  i am not blaming anyone, it just will not function and the retailer will not refund me.  so since i need just a streamer the Bluesound sounds like a better bet, at least i can spend more time listening to music and less time fidgeting around with this thing.  and the Bluesound dealer is just down the street and not in another country.

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I also have a Bluesound 2i with PD Creative and Sbooster 
via digital coax on my Michi x3 - the difference was very significant, to my sensation far above the "Cambridge Audio CXN (V2)" I tried in parallel, only slightly below the Naim Audio ND5 XS 2. May of course also be due to the Michi DAC.