Can 60 triode watts drive Quad ESL 63's?

That is my query...:-)
Oh, Good Lord yes. I've got a stacked pair from PK and used a Dynaco from Cleby (35 per side) for about a week. Didn't beat my Audio Valves (which were in the shop, but without too much EQ from my TACT, and staying away from Nugent and Mahler, the little critter was fine.

You know, Quads just get deceptively loud due to their lack of distortion, so if you're really looking for impact, either stack them or maybe even go dynamic. After 30 years, I'm back with PK's Quad 57's and appreciate their limitations, because what they do well, they do so well!! A second system has to handle the AC/DC and Ramones.

I expect you'll really like the Quads and Triodes. I would stay with p/p amps if you're shopping, although some SE's are happy with Quads.
YES! Unequivocally!! I am driving a single pair of ESL 63's with a custom built 5 watts per side 2A3 amp, albeit with some humongous vintage "chicago" output transformers, and they just literally sing , and to some realistic levels to boot. Even the base is tight and almost rivals my Spendor SP 100's when I alternate them into the system. The first watt is still the best one. Go for it...
I am glad...I will not even monoblock the Berning's then...and try with 30 watts in stereo...

stacking ESL 63's sounds like a good idea to me...hard to setup i would they sell some kind of frame as for the stacked 57's?
Jsujo, The 63's have an impedence drop which can be difficult for some amps to handle (I think its down about 3.5 ohms in the bass area). Something to take into consideration in selecting an amp. FWIW I drove mine with a 40wt PP tube amp w/out any problems.
As to stacking 63's. IMHO, stacking is counter intuitive. 63's are point source speakers. If you stack them you will have two point sources to deal with. Try before you buy - YMMV.
thats right..the 57's arent point source right?

We will see...I will have the speakers home in about 10 days.
I used to run ESL63USA's with a both a Berning ZH270, 70 watt OTL, and with Cary Rocket 88 (20w in triode mode). Both worked fine, the Berning was glorious. You'll be fine.
With ZH270, I would be glorious!! one day!