Can 200$ IC cable bump 2k$ Audio Note cable?

Few day's ago, I started getting hum.

After investigation of all connection, I found out that Audio Note Interconnect RCA cable from Lyngdorf 2170 to Silbatone SET amp.was the culprit.

I replaced it with Crystal Cable that I had kept in storage.

Oh my god, the soundstage got more three dimensional with Crystal Cable.

But Crystal cable does not have tight and deep bass as Audio Note cable.

I had kept two digital cables to connect from my music server to reclocker and then to Lyngdorf 2170.

To compare with Crystal cable, I had tried out pairs of digital cable from Silnote that I paid 100$ each as IC cable.

Wow it sounds wonderful with weighty bass and excellent tonality.

The only missing thing is some refinement at treble, but it is not terribly bad either.

I can not claim that pairs of digital cable which cost me 200$ bump Audio Note IC cable that I paid 2k$ 18 years ago.

But it is almost comparable to the overall performance of Audio note.

I have to repair Audio note IC cable but in the meantime I decide to do IC cable rolling.

I ordered Teo Audio GCii IC cables as a starting point relying on 30 day's return policy.

I will compare Teo Audio IC with Silnote morpheus cable.

If l prefer one brand over the other, then I will order upper model of winning brand.

Another interesting thing happened to used Teresonic Clarrison Speaker Cables that I paid 300$ this week.

I bought this speaker cable for connection to PSB sub woofer.

But when I replaced Audio Note speaker cables with Teresonic Clarrison Speaker Cables just for fun, I found out the latter is more holographic with just little bit of less tight bass.

I paid 3K$ for Audio Note speaker cables 18 years ago.

I decided to keep using Teresonic Clarrison for a while for long term impression.

Anyway, I am surprised to find that the cables that I paid 200$ and 300$ closely match the performance of Audio Note Cables that I paid 10 times more 18 years ago
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One thing I will say about AN cables, I have the humble Lexus copper speaker cables, is to me they sound very "un-hifi". They aren't about holographic imaging they are about good tone and timbre and a natural organic sound. There is nothing wrong with cable that sound more hifi just wasn't my cup of tea as my system evolved.

I am curious to hear as you keep the Teresonics in your system for a while if you will experience the same thing.
The most difficult part in audio is cable matching.

It is dependent on system and personal taste.

I will let you know long term impression of Teresonics speaker cable.
@shkong78 you are totally right and I run AN-J/lx's which I should have mentioned which gives me some synergy. I will look forward to your impressions!
@ captbeaver

Cable rolling could be fun or headache depending your budget and accessibility.

I had kept using Audio Note interconnect and speaker cables for 18 years.

During the time, I had changed power cables 5 times.

Thus it is time to do some cable rolling.
It is fun changing out cables. I recently bought some Studio Cable 4S interconnects that a friend recommended and wow what a huge difference in sound stage and resolution. I was using some MIT cables that I've had for about 15 years. It’s something that I wasn’t expecting. Maybe as our old cables age they lose something in the process. Who knows.

If improvement brought by change of cable is significant, then it is fun to change cable.

Otherwise, one need to wonder whether to change it or not.

I am waiting for delivery of Teo Audio Cables to find out.

I received Zenwave D4 trial cable with courtesy of Dave today.

Right out of the box, this cable sounds promising with clear focus and natural dynamics( it had already been burnt in).

I will keep listening to it and compare it with Teo Audio GCII cable to arrive next Monday.

I will update the progress.
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Now I am back to Audio Note speaker cables from Teresonic Clarrison Speaker Cables .

Although Teresonic Clarrison Speaker Cables is quite good with lot of transparency but fall short of Audio Note speaker cables at dynamics.

Also Audio Note SC gives more inner details than Teresonic Clarrison.

In bright system Audio Note SC can sound hard and Teresonic Clarrison more forgiving and relaxed.

But the difference is minor and Teresonic Clarrison is still an excellent cable.
i have been interested in acquiring Teresonic Clarion cables for some time... if you still have them, is there any chance you would part with them? 
I am using  Teresonic Clarion cable in combination with two Audio Note speaker cables.