Can 10W 300B tube amp drive Martin Logan Ascent i?

I currently have the Yaqin MS-300C (or Grant Fidelity A-534) integrated tube amp which outputs about 10 Watts. It currently drives a pair of Tekton Lore speakers (98dB) with easy but I'm thinking about getting a pair of Martin Logan Ascent i so just wondering if this low wattage tube amp can drive it. I listen to jazz and pop at a decently loud level.
It will make sound but you won't like the result. Ascent needs a lot of power to
make it sing, at least 100W/ch, tube or SS, 200W+ will be better, 350W+ will be
ideal. The amp also needs to be able to drive low impedance load.
Agree with the above. I was a ML dealer for a long time and the Ascent i's will eat that little 10 watter for lunch. If you listen at VERY low levels, it will work.
I was thinking of getting a YAQIN MS-300C 300B x 2 Vacuum Tube Hi-end Tube Integrated Amplifier which produces 9.5 wpc, available on ebay. I have magnaplanar 1 speakers, the originals 5' high. Their brochure recommends 40 wpc. So, it won't work with my speakers?
I ask because I know nothing about tube amps, but have read that the listed wpc is frequently nonsense. I listen to classical music and jazz.
You`re looking at a disappointing result with this match. This speaker is far too inefficient to work with your amplifier.Low watt SET amps can sound marvelous but only with appropriate speaker compatability.You have to avoid these types of power hungry speakers.
Thanks for athe opinion, Charles1dad. The alternative amp is for me a Yaqin MS-20L with EL34B tubes which delivers 50 wpc. I had heard very good things about the 300B tubes; that's why I was interested in the YAQIN MS-300C 300B. But the EL34B tubes get good reviews too. Musically, is there any reason to prefer one to the other?
The choice of output tube is just simply subjective, there`re too many variables that affect preference. You could have two amps with the same output tube and they could sound radically different.I`ve owned el34,6550/kt88 amps and the best of each breed can be excellent.

My personal favorite type tubes are the DHT(directly heated triode) . When done right the DHT as SET or push-pull has a bit more 'naturalness' and realism of actual instruments and voice(at least to my ears). But that``s just one opinion among many other preferences.The bottom line is the amplifier and speaker have to match properly,thus many different tubes can work in the right situation. For example my speaker is 94db and a 14 ohm load(minimum 10 ohm) this is a wonderful match with my 8 watt 300b amplifier.
Thanks for all the inputs. I guess I'll be keeping the Tekton Lore speakers for a while as I'm so addicted to the sweet sound of the 300B tubes. In fact, I just ordered a pair of Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z tubes for the Yaqin.

for Franz456: I also had the Yaqin MS-20L with Gold Lion KT-88 tubes, wonderful mid but the bass wasn't as round and tight as the MS-300C so I would recommend the MC-300C over. 9.5W SET is just as strong as 50W push-pull so don't let the low-wattage fool you. But again, both was driving the Tekton Lore which are very sensitive (rated 95-98dB).
John makes a good point. With higher sensitivity-higher ohm(load) speakers amp quality matters more than amp power watts. I have a very good push-pull amplifier(100 watt ultra linear and 60 watts in triode mode). The PP amp has a bit more bass weight and impact(not dramatic). In all other areas the 8 watt 300b SET is the better more realistic and natural amplifier.It just sounds more like the real thing in your room.

Franz, I believe the 50 watt amp is a much better choice for your Magnaplanars than the low power SET amplifiers. 4 ohm load and mid 80s efficiency just not a good match for this type of SET amplifier.