Camp designations

A little fun with those who reside in certain camps.

Cable supporters
Cable supporter supporters.
Tube pushers

Care to play?

I fall into two.  Frugal and pyro.
I always thought I would have enjoyed Linaeus' profession. Also read somewhere that the Periodic Table would be the Rosetta stone used to translate an Alien 's language.

Seperationists vs intergaters
Class A Students
The Single Ended Defendants
Triode Troglodytes
Sub Humans is fantastic. 

Swarmy sub humans. 
Subliminal. I love good bass,just not too much. 
Neurotic volume attendees
Elevated Perceptionists
The Rooned, or is that MaRoons?
Isolationist here,cableists
pigeon holers
Band Camper - Not the marching kind.......
One time when I was at Band Camp .....
Hilarious this morning. Some good coffee kicking in 
 Thanks for the laughs. Week 11 all alone in the office with the phone ringing and ringing and ringing. At least I have a job. 
Geoffkait, I think you meant to say Bass Campers. 
Solder Suckers.
Wire Strippers  
Bass Managers
High Balls
Stage Fight 
Stylus Envy.
Back to work. 
What does fish have to do with anything? 
My favorite is "neurotic volume attendees". 
Pillow and Blanket Brigade
Worms Geoffkait, worms
Placebo Domingos is the best so far. On many levels. 
Double Blind Test Mugwumps