Camera problem - asus laptop, windows 10

Basically was looking at a friends asus laptop and their camera was not working, it wasn't working for her zoom meetings as well as the actual system camera itself, i checked for windows updates and driver updates. These were all up to date, i then checked the camera privacy settings and these were all grand. Any ideas would be helpful, thanks.

I couldn't figure out why my camera wasn't working on my cheap Lenovo laptop.

There is a key(F10)with a pic of a computer screen. It disables the camera operation. It is an uppercase function(shift key)
The pic by the way is unidentifiable, to me. I HATE some of these so called "intuitive" functions we are supposed to just  recognize these days on things-rental cars? Probably just me.

It drove me insane trying to figure out what the heck happened, as it interfered with MY meetings!

Perhaps your friends Asus has a similar setup on the keyboard.
Some laptops have a physical switch somewhere on the side of the unit, check and make sure that’s not the issue. How hold is the laptop? It could be a bad ribbon cable.