Camel - Nod and Wink - Impressive Album

Camel, my No.1 favourite Progressive rock group. This album was their last release, 2002. I just had the chance to listen to it today.

I am very impressed, a true piece of art, I never thought camel would be able to produce the same old magic like their previous albums as Mirage or snowgoose, they are even better now. Well done camel. I am glad that i bought this CD, it was my mistake not to have bought it in 2002 when it was just released, I missed 3 years of joy.... To all progressive rock fans, go and buy this CD, you won't be disappointed.
could this be the same band I saw open for Wishbone Ash in the early-mid 70's? Yikes!
I agree - it's one of their best. It's one of the most played in my collection. I saw them live during the promo tour. "Rajaz" is the release just prior to Nod and a Wink and it's also fantastic. I'm hoping they'll put out another new CD shortly (though their web site doesn't give any indication of imminent release).
I assume you have "Dust and Dreams",Harbour of Tears and Rajaz[HDCD] and a Great Concert DVD,"Coming of Age".All more current Classic's.You just about need all their Albums especially their early output.Classy Stuff!Andy is a great Guitar Player and songwriter to say the least!Moonmadness anyone?
Yes, I have all of their early stuff, great stuff indeed. I also have the Camel - Pressure points live (DVD), which was produced in 1984, it is 2-channel stereo only, the picture quality is moderate, but the performance is simply stunning !, this is camel in its full glory, Andy lattimer guitar playing is unbelievable, listen to the song "Pressure Points", it has one of the best guitar solos I have ever heared, remindes me of steve hacket in selling england by the pound !
since we're talking about their whole catalog I'll add 2 cents more . . . I have all of their studio albums starting with the first. Everything from the first up thru "Raindances" are fantastic, then Dust and Dreams, Harbour of Tears, Rajaz, and Nod and a Wink are equal to them though not in the classic sense of the first ones.Those in between are a little spotty, though all worth having. Many, many great guitar solo's - check out "Ice" off of "I Can See Your House From Here". It's 10 minutes long, mezmerizing, and the cd is worth the proce just for that single track.
I have most all of the Camel stuff including the DVDs. They are a great band. I went to see them in Atl. a couple of years ago but the show was cancelled due to illness. A Nod and a Wink is quite good as well as Rajaz. Rajaz is also an audiophile recording. And the live version of Ice on the Coming of Age DVD is wonderful.
Glad to hear from some Camel fans! Unfortunately I have not been paying attention since "I can see your house from here" (25 yrs, has it been that long?) I will have to check out their new one. My favorites have always been: all the music on Snowgoose, all the music on Moonmadness, "First Light" on Raindances.
To enjoy camel properly on LP you MUST get the British pressings.. the ORIGINAL U.S. pressings on Janus label are also o.k... the Passport label U.S. are terrible!!!
The British pressing of Snowgoose is the only one that has the correct treble response.. the U.S. is too sibilant (sp?)
Just some advice.. you'll have to look hard and long on ebay to get MINT british pressings and pay a good $40. or so.. maybe.
Also how about that sort-of rare "A live Album" Snowgoose sounds better here than studio!
Xiekitchen, try nod and wink, you'll enjoy it, lots of nice instrumental work. I enjoy it more and more the more I listen to it. Unfortunately I dont have a turntable, my system is cd-based, yet I enjoyed those albums very much. Who knows one day they might reissue these albums on SACD, I will simply buy them all.
I just picked up snowgoose remastered and ya you just can't get me out of the seventies some days , it is a great remaseter. Also as far as favorites, one of mine is Breathless first thing on a sunday morning...........CRANKED
Great call by Rwwear - I received the copy of the "Coming of Age" DVD I ordered today and have finished the first viewing. It's excellent all the way through - and especially "Ice". I wish the audio as DD5.1 (it's 2.0), but the video, camera work and sound quality are very good. The performances are excellent and the set list is too. I saw them 2 years ago on their tour supporting "Nod and a Wink", this reminds me of that show.
Thanks Bdgregory.
I missed this thread until just now.

I'm a big Camel/Andrew Latimer fan also.

I have a copy of Nod and A Wink I picked up on Ebay from someone in Eastern Europe. Good stuff. I think it is a pirated version though. 90% of it sounds very good last I listened but there are a few defects and some bonus songs tossed in at the end which is why I think it is pirated.

I also have the "Coming of Age" CD. Very nice!

I also have the Pressure Points DVD of the performances from the 80's of the Stationary Traveler material + a few classics. Love it!

And I have many of the better known Camel classic albums. Moonmadness, Breathless, and Stationary Traveler are three of my favs.
"Breathless first thing on a sunday morning...........CRANKED"

"Also how about that sort-of rare "A live Album" Snowgoose sounds better here than studio!"

Got it on London/Decca (I Believe).

Outstanding recording!