Cambridge Topaz AM10 vs Yamaha AS300 vs Onkyo

Cambridge Audio TopazAM10 vs Yamaha AS300 vs Onkyo A9050?

Setup: Denon turntable, Denon MC (but high output) cartridge, Wharfedale speakers

This is as far as my budget will stretch, and I'm planning on buying new from Crutchfield. I don't have a separate phono preamp, but all of these have a built in one. They're all around the same price as well, although the Onkyo is 50$ more ($350). Which one would be the best option?

I listen to punk, indie, lo-fi, some folk, and ska. All from past 20 years or so.

Thank you.
If you're considering the A9050, it's $399 on Crutchfield. So, I'd get the Yamaha A S500 (it's $399 as well.) It appears to be a step up from the A S300. Different chassis, nearly 3 lbs heavier. More power. Also, it seems that the spk. binding posts on the 500 are better quality. I've heard good things about the new Yamaha Receivers. My vote goes for the A S500.
The most important piece in all this will be the phono section. I would get the Cambridge 551p phono stage and a Cambridge AM10. If that puts you over budget, buy the 551p and drop down to the Cambridge Sonata AR30.
I like Zd542's recommendation for the Cambridge phono stage. Should be much better than those that are built in. Why not just use it with your current amp?
My current amp is a NADC315BEE, but unfortunately the (non-detachable) power cord doesn't work anymore!
I agree with Kotta,Yamaha quality is better and they have always had decent phono stages.
In my experience, NAD equipment is typically under rated and perform beyond their rating. NAD phono sections are usually pretty good, for built in (from what I understand).

Have you given any thought to just having the power cord replaced?

I think that any of the ones that you mentioned would be a step backwards in sound quality. If you just have the urge to spend money, I'd suggest checking out the classifieds and getting into a used NAD. Lots of bang for the buck there.
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My current amp is a NADC315BEE, but unfortunately the (non-detachable) power cord doesn't work anymore!"

You can probably fix that yourself. Open it up and have a look.
Old thread but CA amps have lots of problems, Yamaha seldom any.
I agree with Tonyangel and Zd542. Fix the NAD. Then consider an outboard phono stage. One worth considering is the Lounge LCR, 40 dB gain, 100pF capacitance. I am using one with a Bluepoint No. 2.
I have a question for Schubert and any other Yamaha people. Yamaha prints "Natural Sound" on pretty much everything they make. Is it true?
Well, back in the heyday of high-fi , 65-75 , they did have much less of the "electronic edge" than other major brands so, within limits, I would say its true.
The best sounding were the great Sansui Integrateds, but they are all dried out and scratchy whilst many Yammys that age are still humming along .

A lot to be said for quality construction that a company with deep pockets can provide.

If I was young and just getting into things right now, from the reviews, I would just buy a Yamaha A-2000 and be done with it. Would right now if I didn't already have 6 good amps and as many preamps.
Thanks Schubert. I will now be able to sleep tonight.