Cambridge Sound Works new speakers T300

I know, I know not reaaalllllyyy expensive stuff! I need to say that I upgraded an old pair of Tower Twos to the new T300 towers with built in sub w/ 300w amp. After a month of break in time they sound waaayy better than some speakers costing 1-2 thousand more. If anyone out there is looking for great speakers for a combination of music and movies give these a try. If you dont like them they will take them back. I think the build quality would impress anyone whos been exposed to hi-end equipment. One last thing, I've noticed that the guys who sell them dont connect the LFE connection for the sub, which wont give you an idea of their true potential. MAKE THEN DO THIS CONNECTION!
What did you compare them to that costs $1-2K more?

I have listened to the T500's and I would stand firm in saying. In the Sub 2500.00 range they are THE best speaker I have heard! I have auditioned B&W CDM7's, Paradigm 100's, Klipsch Reference, Snell, and NHT 2.9's. I think when it comes to the CSW line, people only see a company who does business in malls and shouldn't be taken seriously!...I have owned CSW's since 1994 and find them an excellent value and performer in their respective price range.

So I got ya back on this one!!