Cambridge or Rotel for B&W 603 S3 speakers?

I am building up a new system and we decided on the speakers first as you all advice: B&W model DM 603S3. But I am quite confused with the amplifiers.I will be using the system in the living room (40 m2) and I listen to acoustical music most of the time. My budget is around 1500 USD and probably integrated amps are more convenient in this case. Which amps would you recommend? As we are newcomers to the hi-fi world, any information is more than welcome :)

Try the Cambridge 840 int amp. IMO far superior over Rotel.

At a price of $1,500 used, or even slightly less, there are a lot of very fine integrateds available. I would look for a Creek 5350, any of the YBA or Audio Refinement integrateds or even a Simaudio I-5 if you can find one. I don't have any experience with the Cambridge 840 but it's likely a fine choice, as well.
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