Cambridge CXU Blu-ray Player

Any advice on upgrading my CXU? I use it a CD/SACD player, inputting my set top box as a DAC and playing Blu-ray Discs. I’m seen OppoMod linear power supply upgrades but haven’t pulled the trigger. Thanks in advance!
Yes I am; for the set top box via a fiber optic cable. Basically I use most of if not all the CXU has to offer.
I have a Bryston DAC3, which has 4 HDMI inputs.  My SACD and Blu Ray players can output DSD over HDMI, and the Bryston is a fantastic DAC.  If your CXU can output DSD over HDMI then that would be a great upgrade
Kal Rubinson reviewed some multichannel DACs in Stereophile at bit back, the Bryston is two channel only.