Cambridge CXN V2

I was very pleasantly surprised at the SQ  of this streamer. It sounds much better than the Arcam unit I was using (which sounded better than the Bluesound Node 2 I sampled.} 
Plus it’s amazingly versatile. With such features as graphic display and internet radio,  At about $1000 it’s an amazing bargain.


I’m not sure I understand your question, but if it helps to know, you can access Qobuz independent of the StreamMagic app.

Thank you for answering. Let me try to explain better: the whole question is if the Qobuz application inside CXNV2 allows offline playback.
On the Qobuz desktop or android apps, the music that you select manually to listen to offline is available in the “Offline Library” Tab .
Since CXNV2 doesn't have an internal drive to save this music, I would have to connect an external SSD or pendrive for this purpose. For maximum quality, I don't want to use chromecast or bluetooth. 
So, the question is that if Qobuz app inside CXNV2  recognizes an external drive to save high res music along with albums, tracks and playlists and make them available in the “Offline Library” tab.