Cambridge CXN V2

I was very pleasantly surprised at the SQ  of this streamer. It sounds much better than the Arcam unit I was using (which sounded better than the Bluesound Node 2 I sampled.} 
Plus it’s amazingly versatile. With such features as graphic display and internet radio,  At about $1000 it’s an amazing bargain.

The Cambridge CXNV2 is a dream to use-
using Qobuz for the main!

Having Class D amp is great especially living in Florida since it’s essentially heat free. Not my first Class D- used a PS Audio up till a week ago and before that  a bunch of A/AB by Primaluna, McIntosh, Boulder, Quad , Dynaco and Belles!


if coax sounds great, stick with it.
BTW,The Chromecast app sounds the best in Qobuz.
I switched to optical for the CXNV2 since I only have one coax input and have that to my CD player which has an analog and digital output. The CD layer is a 1995 Calif Audio Labs Icon Mark II. I fig that the Peachtree Nova 150 has a newer DAC
than the CD player- who knows?
my auditory memory is not that good to compare the two and remember!
BTW going from separates for over 50 years to an integrated amplifier makes the back of my gear look quite nice. Prior to the integrated amplifier it looked like a road map of Washington DC- 
Also my last two set ups were class D /-a lot less heat and to my shock the Two Class D setups were very pleasing acoustically. I’m impressed with the Peachtree!