Cambridge CXN V2

I was very pleasantly surprised at the SQ  of this streamer. It sounds much better than the Arcam unit I was using (which sounded better than the Bluesound Node 2 I sampled.} 
Plus it’s amazingly versatile. With such features as graphic display and internet radio,  At about $1000 it’s an amazing bargain.

I have a CXNV2 for a year and it’s terrific
i just yesterday got a Peachtree Nova 150
Which CXN output do you suggest:
have it into the coax now and it sounds great!

BTW I just started using an integrated amplifier again after 50’years of separates!


The Cambridge CXNV2 is a dream to use-
using Qobuz for the main!

Having Class D amp is great especially living in Florida since it’s essentially heat free. Not my first Class D- used a PS Audio up till a week ago and before that  a bunch of A/AB by Primaluna, McIntosh, Boulder, Quad , Dynaco and Belles!


if coax sounds great, stick with it.
BTW,The Chromecast app sounds the best in Qobuz.
I switched to optical for the CXNV2 since I only have one coax input and have that to my CD player which has an analog and digital output. The CD layer is a 1995 Calif Audio Labs Icon Mark II. I fig that the Peachtree Nova 150 has a newer DAC
than the CD player- who knows?
my auditory memory is not that good to compare the two and remember!