Cambridge CXN V2 or Innuos Pulse Mini?

These two streamers popped up in a few recent threads and got me thinking about upgrading my Bluesound Node, so I would appreciate some advice.

Both are in the $1200 range which is about all I’m willing to spend on digital at this time, so I’m wondering which one I should get and will the difference in SQ be significant, or should I stay where I am for now? (My understanding is the DAC is key to good SQ, but I know zero about DAC brands/specs)

  • I stream only, mostly Tidal, then SirusXM, and I am auditioning QoBuz
  • I don’t care about MQA
  • I don’t need file storage or CD ripping
  • I’m reasonably happy with the BluOS app
  • Better library / favorites management would be nice
  • Input is ethernet cable
  • Output is analogue / RCA

Thank you!


Burtlake, but the Iris DDC is so sweet between the Node 130 and Pontus using I2S

Careful on this one LHY Bluesound PSU Kit.  Just recieved mine and the jumper that fits between the Node mother board and new ps board is not long enough to make a connection.  Already emailed them and waiting on a reply.

Heard back already.  All is good.  Nice improvement. Noticing blacker background and firmer bass.  I used the PD power supply modification on another Node a while ago.  Aesthetics of the LHY and the way the Node back panel is closed off  is a definite improvement over the PD.

Installed the LHY PSU upgrade with linear power supply yesterday. This is a really nice, significant upgrade for $280.

Instructions were very good. Took maybe 15 minutes. Opening and closing the lid was the hardest (scariest) part.

I have the Cambridge CXN v2 paired with Benchmark DAC3B.

Sound is excellent.