Cambridge CXN V2

I was very pleasantly surprised at the SQ  of this streamer. It sounds much better than the Arcam unit I was using (which sounded better than the Bluesound Node 2 I sampled.} 
Plus it’s amazingly versatile. With such features as graphic display and internet radio,  At about $1000 it’s an amazing bargain.

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I have a CA V1 and I love it. Have tried it with other DACs and the sound quality equals that of expensive stand alone DACs (Bryston). Punchy sound with good detail. Highly recommended.
Yes, I really didn’t expect the quality there. Before buying, I thought that I’d probably have to return it.
I used to spend most of my time listening to CDs and records.  Since I got the Cambridge I haven’t been able to turn it off.
Trouble in paradise..
I had to return the streamer.
‘The Chromecast app was acting finicky, and today it stopped working altogether. Despite many attempts at reinstalling, I gave up. I’m returning it to Amazon and ordered a new one, arriving Friday.
‘Hopefully this is not an endemic problem with the Cambridge streamer.
‘Without Chromecast, you can’t access hi res files on the unit.
Well, the new Cambridge came from Amazon the day after I ordered it, and blissfully it is streaming Chromecast in hi res.