Cambridge CXC or Oppo 103 as new budget CD transport?

All -

Looking for a relatively budget transport for CDs.  It will connect to a Meridian 563, which goes to a Naim Nait 5/FC2.  From what I've gathered searching here and elsewhere, two strong possibilities are the Cambridge CXC and the Oppo 103 (I don't care about the 105).  Has anyone compared them?  As you can guess, I'm trying to stay at the $500 level; the fact that both are new and thus come with warranties is also appealing. 

They're for CD only as I have something like 2500 CDs and limited interest (and less time) to rip them for a streaming solution. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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I would purchase the CXC as it is designed for CD playback only. 
I strongly second mesch's advice.

In my and others systems, I have yet to hear a CD player equal or better a dedicated CD transport.  Though I'm sure there are some that do.