Cambridge CXC: Help finding a small, programmable remote?

After much research and searching, I was pleased to purchase and receive the Cambridge CXC transport. As some mentioned, the CXC remote is ungainly, crammed with buttons for other products I don't intend to purchase.

Does anyone have a lead on a small, programmable remote — something the size of a Roku remote? This makes much more sense. Having input buttons for specific tracks would be nice, too. (Cannot *believe* they left those off. FFS.)

Hopefully any answers might also help folks with other products who, like me, hate their remote.
The Roku remote has the volume control on the side.  Very poor design as whenever you pick up the remote, the volume changes or mutes. I ditched the TV because of that remote and went with a 24 inch LG for the kitchen instead. 
Right. The Roku was an example of the form factor I'm interested in. That's why I said "something the size of" a Roku remote.
I remember googling this a while ago, and found a remote for an earlier Cambridge CD player that used the same codes and didn't have the surplus buttons.  I searched ebay for a while and never found one.  Then the transport left, and it became moot.  There is good press on the Audiolab transport.  I wonder what its remote looks like.
Agree with you completely about the stock CXC remote, it's almost useless. This is probably not exactly what you're looking for but for my CXC I use the "DVD" channel on an older Sony RM-VL700S programmable remote. It's considerably larger than a Roku remote but is very nicely designed in a perfect shape to fit comfortably in the hand.

I used it in "learning" mode to teach the main commands by pairing individual buttons on the CXC remote with appropriate buttons on the Sony. It requires several steps, one step at a time but you have to do it only once. It will control power on and off, play and stop, next track and previous track, just the commands I normally require.

But you can teach any button on the Sony the function of any button on the CXC regardless of whether the labels match, as long as you remember the ones that don't match.

That model Sony is long out of production but used ones are available on ebay. I like it because it's the only programmable remote I found that fits well in my hand with the buttons right under my thumb.
Thanks, @sfar that's helpful and might be the best solution. Open to more suggestions!
Perhaps Harmony makes a basic inexpensive remote. I use one of their mid price models for my home theater.
@ericsch - Yes, the Harmony database does have the CXC codes but when I downloaded them to one of my Harmony remotes some controls didn't work well so I went for a simple solution I could control manually and was familiar with. You probably could "teach" a Harmony remote in the same way I did the Sony but I was already familiar with the Sony so went with it.
As some mentioned, the CXC remote is ungainly, crammed with buttons for other products I don’t intend to purchase.
And the buttons needed are all at the bottom, where one hand operation is awkward to hold and press.
Get a cheap ebay learning remote which has no buttons needed the bottom 1/3 of it.

This ones expensive

But there are 1600 others to choose from

Cheers George

My only complaint about the remote is that, as George stated, the button are on the bottom. I can ignore the others.
Thanks. The fact that the CXC remote has no way to go directly to a track is such a boneheaded mistake by the designers, it defies comprehension. Here’s their response:

 “However, if you know of any universal remotes where you could program in IR codes, here's a link to the CXC's IR codes: ”
I recently reprogrammed my Logitech Harmony One Remote for some of my devices including the CXC. I just put in the Cambridge cxc model name and it found it automatically from the Logitech database. To my surprise the Logitech remote not only works well with all the functions of the cxc original remote but also works on the track numbers! Now I can go to any specific track by pressing the number button.
Thanks, Stesu. I had luck with my System Link 5 AV by RCA. I saw it for $5 or so on ebay, also. I think many will work with the Cambridge.

That said, what a ridiculous workaround for a well-regarded company's product.
Fast forward to September 2020.

The remote for the CXC was an almost deal breaker except I found one on Audiogon at a very good price.  The remote is a huge chunk of real estate and the buttons operating the CXC occupy only the bottom third (or quarter).  But given the price, I pulled the trigger.

That said, I ordered the following remote and I sure hope it works.  I’d really like to be able to select the track numbers.
There on only 2 left.  You might want to pick it up and hold onto it in case it sells out.  If its awful, I’ll let you know and you can return it.
I ordered the remote suggested by tobaccoleafpie. Just received it and only know that it turns the CXC on. Will give it a workout later and get back to you.  Got it off Amazon for $20.  
Seems to be just what you asked for. It is small, and it works fine with the CXC. Hey, for $20 had to give it a try.

@mesch Great to hear! My Atoll integrated has the same issue with their remote...

It's funny how technology's ideology is always toward conglomeration. As if we all wanted a remote as all-encompassing as our corporations and that we would be participating in vertical integration (preamp, amp, cd player, etc.). Not really how we roll.
Well the Cambridge remote controls three devices. A cost savings for production of the remote, however I wonder with the purchase of all three devices, one ends up with three identical remotes. I guess one could lose one, break one, and still use one. :-)
They sent me the wrong remote and would not exchange it.  They sent me a remote for a home theatre system.  None of the buttons resemble anything on a CD transport so I hope you didn’t buy it.
Mine came with a sheet that explained the HiFi keys coded for on the CXC. The shift key is used for the track numbers.

PM me if you need a picture of the sheet. The HiFi is easy to use for the same functions on the CXC remote. 
If anyone is still interested in a replacement remote, I found this  I don't know how well or even if it works.