Cambridge Azur 851C

I would like from you that own or have listened to it, what do you think of it?

Thank you for your input.

Guessing you just read my post on my opinion between my 851C and my Oppo 205 which sparked your post, but maybe not?

I very much like the 851C and still feel at it’s asking price back in the day it was a bargain competing with players twice its price. Some preferred the older 840C which I had on hand in my own system to compare the two and to my ears the 861C was more accurate where the 840C added a little warmth which some prefer and on less than good recordings it helps get through the disc. 

Im using my 851C as a stand-alone player using its DAC  which I’m using it with my Bluesound Vault 2 as it’s DAC far surpasses the DAC in the Vault.

As with any revealing component if you don’t use quality cables you get what you get. I have as much in my PC, IC and SR Black fuses as what the player cost new which sounds crazy but it was worth it as shows how good this player is. 

If if you’re looking for a Red Book spinner only with DAC input it’s a fine player for the money. Not sure today I’d buy any new player so I’d look for a used one. Not even sure Cambridge makes the 851C today. 

Probably every component and speakers I own in my system I imagine buying the newer model of what I have but not the 851C... I’m that happy with it. If I was to do anything I might drag home a DAC and use the 851C as a transport only, but the 851C isn’t going anywhere, Right now I’m ripping all my CDs to my Vault which I’m very pleased with this purchase. Not sure what you’re searching for but a Vault with a nice DAC might be the direction to move to if you’re looking for a new player.
Heard the 851C at my dealer showroom long time ago when I auditioned some speakers.
Excellent CD player. The best one Cambridge ever made.
I own and have owned 3 total 840Cs.  Great player, great Dac, great bargain on the used market.  Every review I have read rates the 851C on another level.  If a good price, I would not hesitate to sell my 840C and get the 851C.

I've had my 851-C for almost seven years now. Isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I love this player. Even though it's been around for awhile, it more than competes with just about anything  in the $1500-$2000 range. IMO.  Built like a tank and so reliable. The only way I improved the SQ of this unit in any significant way was to hook up a Ayre Codex Dac to it. And that Dac costs more than the player.