Cambridge Azur 740C Or, SIMAUDIO MOON CD-1

Using a Luxman R-117 through a set of VonSchweikert VR3' towers.
Folks I'm really starting to pull my hair out here LOL!
I would like opinions on the above 2 CD players please? I have basically decided that one of them will be addded to my system. Which one? Please help!
I went through the samething that you are, but with the CD-1 and Rega Appolo. I had both in my system Odyssey Stratos amp and Von Schweikert VR 1. I picked the CD-1 because to me it had the same PRAT like the Rega but with more dynamics and authority. I could listen to my cd's for hrs. The Rega after a while got tiring om my hears after awhile INHO, don't get me wrong the Rega is a fine player and I wanted to like it and the price was right used from Music Direct $800.00. But in the long run the CD-1 was for me. I have not heard the 740C but Cambridge is known for having little more booast in top end from what I have read. Also I noticed at lot of Appolo's for sale here on audiogon for some reason, there must be a reason, that also played a factor for me.
Ah thanks man that helps! The more searching I do, the more upselling I give myself!
Now I'm looking at the Karren Fog 3 vs the NAIM CD5x.
I really want to make the right choice the first time and hopefully the last time LOL!