Cambridge Audio S30--try with a nice amp

Has anyone tried these? My main system contains Martin Logan Vistas, with a Rogue Audio Perseus Preamp, Theta Digital Enterprise monoblock amps and a Lexicon RT-20 disc player. Anyway I made an office system with Cambridge Audio S30 speakers which I picked out at Audio Advisor for around $100, a used Music Hall CD-25 player (the CD player my new RT-20 replaced) and a Rogue Audio Cronus integrated tube amp. I found with a nice amp these little speakers are amazing. They sounded bigger than their diminutive size. They were also clear and punchy. I had tried the S30s with a cheaper Jamo amp but was disappointed which pushed my into the Cronus.

I am not ready to trade in my main system, but for someone looking to build system around inexpensive speakers, look at the S30s.
I used them in an office system and thought they were terrific, too. "Clear and punchy" is exactly right. And I was just using a 12 wpc t-amp. I replaced them with Silverline Minuets, which are better than the S30s--more detailed, I'd say, especially at low volumes--but not by much.
You won't find better speakers for the price.
Thought I'd update this because the S30s are such a bargain. I set them up again in my office, with an old Rega Brio. They really sound fantastic--even on a bookshelf (with the ports bunged).