Cambridge Audio products unreliable/unsupported?

Has anyone had problems with Cambridge Audio gear failing while still quite new?? I have had two products fail that were under one year old. 350C CD Player and 840Av2 Integrated Amp. Both products were gently treated and lightly used - less than 100 hours total use. Tried to resolve through Cambridge customer service (Ed Selley stopped responding to my inquiries on the Cambridge customer support website)and local repair and it seemed as though the process was designed to make getting a repair more painful than replacing the defective gear. I am new to high end audio and was wondering how many others had the same experience with this company.
Two years ago, my Cambridge Audio 840C CD Player experienced a failure when it was just a little more than a month out of warranty. I called my dealer who contacted CA's service department which, at that time, was in Canada. They repaired the unit under warranty which I thought was an exhibition of exemplary customer service. The only issue I had, and considering their service, a minor one, was the delay in getting the unit from upstate New York into Canada. Somehow there was a missing week, but I've nothing but high praise.
Not at all

My CA 650R AV receiver suddenly failed in its audio board and cooked some capacitors with other failed pieces. The unit was 12 months old with very very little use on it. The product was made in China and the risks with buying Chi-Fi are well known to all in advance. Forrest Gump highlighted it best : "S**t happens."

The Canadian warranty is three (3) years assuming that it was purchased from an authorized dealer with an invoice and related proof of purchase. PLURISON here in Canada were polite, prompt and efficient in repairing it: the support was there when I needed it.
4 and also 3 years ago I had to send my Cambridge 840C in for repair, once under warranty and once out of warranty.
First time it was a connection that had come undone, the second time it was a faulty power supply. 2 breakdowns in the span of less than 2 years. Both times it was serviced, it was returned to me in working order. After those incidents, later it developed an intermittent nuisance problem - every couple of weeks the unit would freeze=up and not respond to commands, I would have to completely power it down to get it to work. I would rate my experience with the 840C on the low end of reliability given my better experiences with owning other cd players.
You should contact the dealer you bought it from to assist you with service. That's what they're there for.
Yeah...the dealer seems like the proper path here.

I've also experienced the "lost Canadian week" when I bought a minor thing from Canada...gets stuck at the border it seems.
Purchased online - dealer is useless ~ more effort to ship to them and time spent waiting than benefit. I tried this path - I also tried to get local repairs done by a Cambridge certified repair shop - no luck.

I have been in contact with Cambridge customer service - they stated that the US distributor (Audio Plus Services) will contact me to resolve the problems.

I will post an update after I hear from Audio Plus.
Had two CA items, a surround sound receiver and a tuner. Both were already out of warranty but not by so very much when both developed problems. In my view CA products sound good but in my experience are not reliable.
I always maintain the perhaps unrealistic attitude that gear, especially things without moving parts, should never break. Is "Chi-fi" actually more breakdown prone? I would think that could be true if the quality control part of the process is flawed, but I certainly haven't noticed any issues with my current pile of Chinese stuff...if anything my Kavent preamp, Jolida amp, Dacmagic, Squeezebox Touch, and 640p seem extremely well made. Maybe disaster is around the corner...being paranoid will give me something else to do I on the edge!
Check out the AGON thread nelow: re: ARCAM pulling its AVR600 out of Chi-Fi production and also the other ARCAM models Chi-Fi sourced quality control issues,
Akg_ca Interesting the thread link you left has been deleted. I have had posts here deleted so I, for the most part, do not participate in the forum.
CA has such a good PR line that I had been recently considering buying a used 851e preamp. I had been looking online for reviews that sunk their teeth into the matter but there really wasnt much to find out . the dirty laundry Im referring to. I had my initial red flag when I was reminded that they are China made. Now, that in itself is not a crime. Purportedly good product can be made in China if its paid for and a viable QC is maintained. Then, I found a review that was positive overall but revealed one telling little detail that coupled with the complaints in this thread have me just saying no. The reviewer mentioned that the volume control knob was cheapish and light and it was mounted lopsided. uneven clearance with the face. The incidence of minor issues revealed in this thread seem to me to be saying lots of cheap parts.
My 740c cd had issues about 6 months out of warranty. The tray was not operating correctly going in and out. I contacted the us distributor and found there was no local repair. Directed to George Mayer in LA. as certified repair source. Cost a bit to ship there and back to HI and the repair also was on the high side for labor. Still that was around 2012 and the unit has been fine since. The issue was with some wheels that drive the tray and door. Kind of wierd issue but repairs have held up. $300+ to repair. If other issues came up now after buying in 2009 I would probably just get rid of it. I already have a sub Sony ES5400 waiting.

The CAMBRIDGE AVR crapped out again a second time with catastrophic effect early in its 3rd year of operation.
The Cdn distributor said that the HDMI issue was somehow outside of the warranty coverage ....not a time issue but a "non-warranty" repair on my dime.
One week later their top. CAMBRIDGE bluray player suffered its own sudden catastrophic FUHBAR meltdown. It was 4 months after the 2 year warranty was up.
The cost to repair exceeded its FMV at that point.

I scrapped the bluray player, sold the AVR and went to an ARCAM FMJ bluray and went to high quality non-chifi separates instead of a chi-if AVR

'Nuff said
I have had 2 CA products. An 840 CD deck and (still have) an 840 preamp.

The 840 deck was reasonably reliable until the CD tray failed to retract into the deck on command from the remote. Still worked if manually nudged. Sold the unit soon after that, but the new user has had no problems with it.

My 840 preamp had the dreaded volume relay issue (they use an array of relays and discrete resistors to adjust volume). After a time period, the volume will suddenly jump up when adjusting up or down in level. The issue has been widely reported on the NET. My unit was no longer in warranty as I bought used, but CA was very responsive and sent me an entire set of replacement relays no charge. They are relatively easy to replace if you have de-soldering equipment. I did find, however, that the CA engineers had specified an incorrect part for this relay, because the relay manufacturer states the relay should be used intermittently only, and CA uses these "on" continuously.

The problem has not returned after the replacement, and I suspect the problem is aggravated by using the ramp volume mode where all the relays rattle as the volume is ramped up from a low level.
I owned threeCA products, the StreamMagic 6, the DACMagic Plus and the Azur 551r AVR, both purchased new. The DACMagic Plus and StreamMagic 6 worked flawlessly, the 551r blew some caps in the video subsystem after a year of operation.

I live in LA and since I purchased online, I took it to an authorized CA repair shop here (George Meyer). They fixed it under warranty with zero hassles. Sounded better than stock afterwards.

I would have no hesitation buying another CA product based on this experience.
This is not good and shouldn't be. Cambridge did build a reputation on designing good sounding gear for the price. I purchased a Cambridge phono preamp a few years ago, not only does it sound good but haven't had any issues at all with it. This sounds like the same problem NAD was experiencing with their new gear of being unreliable, the old stuff being much more reliable.