cambridge audio phono stages

anybody heard these yet? they're pretty new on the market, I think. wondering how they rank.

I have a Cambridge Audio A500 integrated with the factory Phono Stage card installed. So, I think I'm quite close to what that stage will do.

Firstly, DON'T USE GRADO! It makes the natural hum much worse than it is. However, it has a lush warm sound for a High Output Moving Coil cart. Depending on table, this stage will love Benz, Goldring, Dynavector, and such.

Now, I've went to a Low-Output Denon and using a Lehmann Black Cube. I'd go for a Black Cube over the Cambridge anyday; but that's not saying the Cambridge is a bad idea. Just Lehmann did it so much better.

If you are spending $300, used Lehmann is the way to go! If you are spending $450, try either an Audio Research PH1 used or a new Jolida. If you can get $800, go for a Audio Research PH-3 used. Over 1K, the sky is the limit.

Marty Nickison
ive got the azur 540p with a goldring 1012gx its way better than the 39 pounds (80 bucks ) i paid performs somewhere in the 600 dollar range pure quality looks good too it gets rave reviews over here in the uk
I haved the Cambridge 540p and thought it might be thin and was considering the Jolida JD-9A. What is your impression of what the Cambridge lacks aginst the JoLida?

Maybe I should just get a Benz ACE H w/ the Cambridge?

But that phono stage's gain is only 30@47kOhms.

I am currently using a Denon DL-110 cart, NAD533 tt.
Look at a Channel Islands Audio VPP 1 at $349 it looks like a winner.It is getting really good reviews. I had a Jolida it was just OK. The Audio Research PH-3 is really good to but it is $900 and up. I have not heard the Cambridg but I would like to. I have a Phonomena & its pretty good. You can get Phonomena For $250 ussed.