Cambridge Audio DVD79

Dose anyone have any experience with Cambridge Audio DVD79 DVD Player?
How is it compare to Denon 1910, beside DVD-A?
Check this link, it looks very impressive.
I currently bought the dvd79. I did one night's hard testing
and have since watched some various dvd, divx and other movies.
It is connected through dvi-d to a plv-z2.
I am most pleased with the scaler, it's fps conversion and
the 720p mode.
However, I have noticed a quite clear green area that seems
to appear close to black lines and edges that lies next to
areas of yellow/brownish areas. Like a black-to-yellowish transission that goes in greenish. Very very annoying.
I will test configuring, but this is a very ugly thing.
Also, while watching 'emperors new groove' which is a cartoon, there are clear black lines and homogenously colored areas, this fenomenon is extremely evident, showing
a green line next to allmost every black line in the picture.