Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus Power Supply Question

Hi,Does anyone who owns a DacMagic Plus upgrade the "Wall Wart" power supply to something more substantial? If you did, have you realized an improvement in SQ and can you explain the improvement? Additionally, where did you source the upgraded power supply and what was the cost? I really like this little overachiever and would like to squeeze the best possible performance out of it. The unit sounds great as it is, but would a better power supply improve it further? Just as a note, my interface cabling is of very good quality as is my power conditioning.

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback!
My problem is just what is the barrel size to be used with a DacMagic PLUS if I get a new 12v LPS? My old Pangea P-100 barrel does not fit the new unit and is now a paper weight. Thanks to all!
I just changed to this:  iFi iPower Low Noise DC Power Supply with International Travel Adapters 12V

I also had to buy  SoulBay 34pcs Universal Laptop Notebook Input DC Plug Set Jack Tips because the tips with the IFI did not fit. So it cost me 62.00 total and I do notice it's cleaner and allows me to play louder without the congestion I heard often before. I played Seagul by Bad Company to test because I know the song so well. The background is blacker for sure to my ears.

System is Rogue SPHYNX v3,  Cambridge - DACMagic 100, Oppo BDP 93, ROTEL RDV 985 and Focal Chorus 706 speakers
Those iFi units are quite good for their price. I think you’d have to step up to something much more substantial to beat it. I’ve had good luck with them powering my DACMagic Plus, tube preamps, miniDSPs, etc.