Cambridge Audio DacMagic in 2016?

a search finds old threads about the DACmagic but I am wondering how it holds up against newer competition??

I use TOS, not the USB input & drive it either with a Cal Audio Icon CD Player or most often with Apple Lossless files via an Apple TV.

Thx for any comparisons, and I have the regular one, not the plus
My dad has a DACmagic and I dragged over a Marantz HD‑DAC1 which we both felt was the better DAC. The Marantz is more musical with a fuller sound; sounds more analog like the CAL Icon my dad onced owned as well but much better. The DACmagic is still very good for the money and we both felt even though the Marantz was better not sure it was enough to justify selling his Cambridge for the Marantz. I think if you're looking for a DAC in the same price range to just keep what you have. 

My dad years ago sold his CAL off for a Arcam Alpha 9 which he still uses today. The Arcam was a significant jump up from the CAL. Even as a transport the Arcam was better. Before he went to the Arcam he used his CAL Icon II with an ARC DAC1. I had a ARC CD2 at the time which we both felt the Arcam was better as a stand alone player than his separates and my CD2. He's been using a DACmagic for years now, so it does sound better than the Arcam with its ringdac. The point is if you're using your CAL a lot, you might want to look at that instead.

I can't speak on the Apple TV as I haven't tried that but I can't imagine it's better than the DACmagic so spending a lot more for a DAC might just be a waste of money. Again no experience with the Apple.