Cambridge Audio D500 or other transport choice ???

I am ashamed to admit that for some time now I have been using a Sony 555ES 300 Disc changer. I run it’s Toslink output through an original Monarchy Dip, then through a MSB III DAC with HDCD card. I was fooling myself in thinking that by re-clocking with the DIP, and using the external DAC that I was getting good sound. (Though it was obviously better that the RCA outputs of the Sony) I bought an old original Cambridge Audio D300 and have recently hooked it up to the coax side of the Dip where I could easily A/B between it and the changer. It sounds much fuller and richer that the changer! I looking for recomendations for an upgrade from the D300 and have read good things about Cambridge Audio’s D500SE.
The D300 seems to have trouble reading CDRS, that I do play occasionally, and wondered if anyone knew if the D500SE had the same problem. I would appreciate anyone’s recommendation / opinion on the D500SE or any other modestly priced player with a coax output that I could use as a transport.
My other system components consist of original PSB Stratus Gold Speakers, Bryston 4BST amp, Rogue Audio 66 Magnum preamp, MSB Link III with HDCD, and Dual runs of Kimber 8TC to speakers, and Kimber Hero interconnects. Would appreciate anyone's thoughts.

Hi Alan,

I have a Musical Fidelity MMF-CD25 cd player. It is a very well built machine for the money. It tracks and reads burned cds well. It has a 24/96 dac and decodes hdcd as well so you may find you don't need your MSB. It can be used as a quality transport as well, so you could try both ways and see what sounds best. Retail is $600 but is often available on A-gon for between $424-$475. Audio Advisor has a demo unit with warranty for $499.

Good luck,
Don't feel bad. One of the best transports out there is an Aiwa 5-Disc changer. It works bests with Delta/Sigma based DACs. The most recent model is the XC-37M. It will even read CDRs. It was recently discontined.

It sold for $89.99 at Best Buy. (li New models are available on eBay for around +/- $60. Used ones are occasionally listed on Agon. List was around $119.

Like most inexpensive changers is is toslink. Stan Warren use to do a mod to the Aiwa removing the toslink in favor of his own custom cable.

For used on eBay or elsewhere, the earlier versions are the XC-30M and XC-35M. Not sure if the earlier ones will read CDRs.