cambridge audio cd6 repair

Need a place that does repair work on this the cd in door closes,hear it scribble and then the cd stops.Took the cover off and after the door closes it spins then stops,thought maybe the lens was dirty but not this case.any help would be appreciated 

Panurgy OEM in New Jersey is now handling both warranty and out of warranty repairs for Cambridge Audio. I just received back my 840C which had a similar problem. The drawer would open and close only intermittently and the CD would fail to be recognized. Cost to repair was just under $100 not including freight. They had the part in stock and the repair was done within a week of their receiving the unit and a $65 deposit. It's still in the box so I cannot as yet report on the quality of the repair, but I will fire it up tonight and report if there are any problems. I found them honest and professional. Here's their contact info:


701 Ford Road | Rockaway, NJ | 07866 USA
t.973.625.4056  |  f.973.625.9489