Cambridge Audio Azur 840C vs EMM CDSA SE

They both have great reviews but the EMM is in a higher sonic class. How much higher? Has anyone compared them? Are they really night and day? Is the EMM really worth the extra thousands?

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I am keeping all options open up to about $7000 on the used market. I rely on my own ears but have not had the chance to audition the EMM yet. I'm tied up for the next few months and may have the time to get to dealer at the end of the summer. There isn't one near when I am located. In the meantime I value the opinions of those who have heard both the Cambridge and the EMM. Would you be so kind as to give me a specific idea of the various sonic differences? By the way, are you a dealer? Thank you, in advance. Greatly appreciated.
Hello, I appreciate your comments and observations which give me a precise analysis of the difference between these 2 CDPs. This is exactly what I was looking for since it will be a while before I can audition the EMM. I also appreciate your comments on the Exemplar. I will do some research.
Hello, I think you may have missed my point. I am not interested in doing a demo with multiple units to hear the differences -- and then have to go to the trouble of selling off the ones I don't want. I know that I would hear a difference between the 2 units in question. My question was regarding the nature of the difference. I was interested in hearing from others who have auditioned both units to find out whether the EMM would provide a significant enough sonic improvement that would warrant the extra cost. I am upgrading my system and do not want the CDP to be the weak link. The previous posting answered my question by providing the kinds of specific details that I need to know before I make an informed choice without having the opportunity to audition the EMM. This is not an ideal way of making a purchase, granted, but in this case where there is a world of difference between the 2 units this makes it easier to make the right choice for my system. If the differences between the 2 units were more subtle then I would have to take a different approach. Apparently, the differences are not subtle, which one would expect given the large price differential.