Cambridge Audio Azur 840C; reliable mods??

Hi. In addition to my VPI/Musical Surroundings Nova II analog front end, I have two CD players that I have really enjoyed. I'm thinking of parting with one of them, but having a really tough time deciding which one. I have a Cary Audio CD 303/300 unit with tubed & solid state output stages ($4,000 new), and a Cambridge Audio 840C ($1,750 new). The 840C is pretty much a "giant killer" as many have said, but I'm wondering is there are mods available that are both reliable and significant. I seem to recall an established company offering mods on this unit maybe 6 years ago, but I can't seem to find anything online now. Suggestions?? Many thanks! -David
Hello David-

unfortunately, many individuals who modded cd/dvd players during the 2000's have disappeared? There used to be several excellent operations, sadly, Dan Wright of Mod wright maybe the only one left (at least in the USA).

You could start by calling DW and get some info. Keep me posted and happy listening! JA