Cambridge Audio Azur 640H

Has anybody heard this player?I am thinking of buying one.What is the built quality and sound quality?
I love mine, networked with my brothers 640H a 100 miles away stacked 2 more USB hardrives on for more storage, grab music off the wireless laptops HD, sounds like the highly regarded 640 CD player when playing from its hard drive and a notch off for direct playback of the disc.

I use a Bel Canto DAC2 anyway and its sound real good with a little help from the BC.

At $1500 it is a steal. It's a great way to interface with your computer through your A/V systems TV, the GUI is very nice., can you swap HD? What could we do if the HD indide fails?
You can't swap hardrives as far as I know, but you can add any number of USB externals and make backup files.

If the HD fails send it to Audio Plus for replacement or possible rebooting I guess.

Once you get a significant amount of music back it up like any valuable data. just incase the undesireable happens.

With two software upgrades already and a third on the way, these answers may change and a hard drive swap maybe available down the road. Cambridge Audio has an email for these question on their website. See what they say.
Velocity, what format do you store files in? The specs don't show support for FLAC or Apple Lossless, so if you want lossless you go with uncompressed WAV, correct?

Have you compared with the Olive Musica?

- Eric