Cambridge Audio Azur 340a??

Is this amp available in the states? It's listed on the CA website, but I can find no one selling it in the states or even reviewing it? I'm in the market for a small amp for a second system and based on reviews of this one's big brothers, it seems like a good option. I don't even know what it goes for.
They stated shipping last June in Europe. But as you said, no one in the States has any so there may not be a 110 version available.

Call Audio Advisor or Spirit Sounds. They both carry alot of CA but don't have them listed on their website. They should be able to tell you if and when they will be available.
Update: I just called Audio Advisor and they have a couple of them that they are trying out. They will probably carry the 340A, but haven't decided yet. In any case, it seems that SOMEONE in the states will carry it. My guess is it will go for around $260-270. Looks promising.