Cambridge Audio axa35 integrated amplifier ?


It’s been several years since my last post.  Years back I sold off all my audio gear, tubes, 800 or so albums.   Now getting back into the groove but on a much smaller scale money wise.   I acquired a used pair of Tekton Lore speakers.   Have an older NAD dvd/cd player running through a Schiit Modi dac.  The Tekons are efficient so I’ve been checking reviews on the Cambridge Audio axa35.   Reviews seem stellar for the price point.   Anyone using this amp?   Comments?    I also considered the NAD 3020 Class D.   I’ve owned tube gear so I tend to prefer sound slightly on the warmer side.   Budget is 350 ish.  Thank you 


I'm not nearly as sophisticated or knowledgeable as the vast majority of folks here, but getting into hi fi these last two years I will say I happen to like the NAD sound. I was looking at the D3020 myself as I really enjoy my NAD316BEE.  Also have a Cambridge CXA61 and really no complaints but marginally like the sound of the NAD better.  

NAD316BEE has no digital inputs if that is an issue.  

Good luck. Lmk where you end up.

After looking for similar posts on budget integrated amplifiers I see good mentions on the Onkyo A-9010.    Seems the Cambridge AXA35 has strong competition in the Yamaha A-S301 and the Onkyo A-9010.   If only I could listen to all 3 side by side.   I’ll likely keep researching reviews and pick one of the three.

The Cambridge AXA 35 rocks, great budget amp with loads of great reviews to back it up.  I had it and heard it , its tough to beat a $350.

The Tekton Lore speakers are efficient and an easy load for an amplifier.   I don’t play music loud given my age and tinnitus.   So my focus here is the quality of the music versus loudness.   

Well, you want some 'warmth' and don't need a phonostage or a DAC. Maybe find a used NAD 326BEE.  I've been a fan of NAD class A/B integrateds. Have owned the 326 and 356 BEEs in recent years.

I must say the Cambridge AXA35 seems a strong contender at that budget. I have not heard it however.  The Schiit DAC is likely superior to the one in the Yamaha 301 which I've heard and have recommended at that budget. A great option for budget system serving both vinyl and digital. Again, you need amplification only, owning a disc player and DAC.

I am not familiar with the Onkyo. 


As an after thought, it is best to keep digital components separate from amplification when possible. Each having their own power supply. Given you have a DAC I would choose between the Cambridge or the Onkyo. They have similar feature sets. The Onkyo does have  tone controls that can be bypassed, a nice feature. I believe the fit and finish of the Cambridge to be better. 

Several on line dealers offer 60 day returns. 

OK, my final answer, I would give the Cambridge a try. Will likely play well with your Tektons.  

According to write up on Cambridge AXA35 the balance and time controls are buried in menu but usable

So for giggles I’m trying an Onkyo TX-NR809 AV receiver I had sitting around that I paid $150 for.  This retailed for $1100 years back.   I have it set to Pure Audio mode which limits to 2 channel and bypasses all the DTS And tone control processing.  Well, it sounds pretty good actually.   The $500 I spent on the used Tektons is just about the best money I’ve spent in audio over the years.  Also no need for a subwoofer either.   May still go the integrated route but thinking I’ll have go up the food chain and up my budget so to speak to make a notable improvement in sound quality

Here’s a follow up.   I got lucky and scored a latest version Rega Brio integrated amplifier via Craigslist for $300 just 10 miles from my home.  Looking forward to hooking it up tomorrow and see how it integrates with the Tekton Lores.  Will post my observations soon.

The Rega Brio integrated amp is a great pairing with the Tekton Lores.   Musical, detailed and plenty of power for these speakers.   $500 for the speakers used, $300 for the Rega.   $150 for the Schiit Modi via an older NAD cd/dvd player.   Could not happier given my under 1k budget.

I did read several owners noting humming concerns so I was worried if I’d have the same concern.  However givien my equipment combo the background is dead silent.   Thank goodness!