Cambridge audio A 840v2 v Teac ai 2000

Opinions on how  a Cambridge audio A 840v2 would compare to a Teac AI2000.  Speakers for now are Vandersteen 2C units. Plenty of power from either.  More a question of sonic signature.
Anybody?  let me throw the Yamaha A-S 1000 in there also.
I have not heard the CA 840 nor the Teac 2000 but do own the Yamaha A-S1000, and love it.  Dead on neutral sound signature with Klipsch RB-75's and plenty of bass drive for it's "90w@8ohms/ch" power rating.  I do own and occasionally use a CA 640A v2 and it too is pretty neutral and has decent low end capabilities.  

I had the Yamaha A-S 2000 and thought it had good bass was built like a tank but was slightly warm and thin through the midrange and treble and was a bit bright It reminded me of a Denon PMA 2000AE.  I kept thinking designed for the Japanese ear which as I recall tends to like a brighter sound.  I had the 801,700 and 500 and I think I liked any of those better then the 2000 .  Makes me wonder where the A-S 1000 lies in that group soundwise.