Cambridge audio A 840v2 v Teac ai 2000

Opinions on how  a Cambridge audio A 840v2 would compare to a Teac AI2000.  Speakers for now are Vandersteen 2C units. Plenty of power from either.  More a question of sonic signature.
Anybody?  let me throw the Yamaha A-S 1000 in there also.
I have not heard the CA 840 nor the Teac 2000 but do own the Yamaha A-S1000, and love it.  Dead on neutral sound signature with Klipsch RB-75's and plenty of bass drive for it's "[email protected]/ch" power rating.  I do own and occasionally use a CA 640A v2 and it too is pretty neutral and has decent low end capabilities.  

I had the Yamaha A-S 2000 and thought it had good bass was built like a tank but was slightly warm and thin through the midrange and treble and was a bit bright It reminded me of a Denon PMA 2000AE.  I kept thinking designed for the Japanese ear which as I recall tends to like a brighter sound.  I had the 801,700 and 500 and I think I liked any of those better then the 2000 .  Makes me wonder where the A-S 1000 lies in that group soundwise.
I have both. Actually CA840a is v1, so that might be slightly different.
Teac is really smooth, fast, enjoyable. Everything sounds right - any genre. You almost never miss the tone controls. It is just fun to listen to. Still the chassis feels i bit cheap. Unlike ca it has phono stage. 

CA feels like better gear physically. Sturdier. But it is probably bit overengineered with relay volume control etc (mine still works fine), but you also get great input flexibility. Sonically it is more detailed, but i am still not sure if as much fun to listen to as teac. But you get tone controls option. 

Both can be used as power amp for avr on one input, which is great. 

I compared them on german Elac 607 speakers, which are probably level or two higher (10k usd originally) - very precise and detail rich, tight with aluminium/mdf chassis. Using squeezebox transporter as source (lossless cd/tidal or hd material).

I also tried vincent 234 amp. Built much better than either, incredibly detailed and refined, but with elac speakers good only for narrow selection of genres. Bought by B&W fan, who is totally thrilled by it.  

Still undecided which to keep. Probably teac and eventually step up to accuphase or yamaha 2100.