Cambridge Audio 840c vs. Marantz SA 8001?

I own an SA-8001 and really like it, but I'm wondering what the differences are between the SA 8001 and the Cambridge Audio 840C. (I know about the reviews and cost for both, but I'm looking for a direct comparison.)
Please chime in!

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Wow, not a single repsond on these 2 popular brands?
I'd also like to add on a Q. Do they make silver for SA-8001? I've seen couple of them in silver color on eBay listing right now, but they are from Taiwan in European 240v version. For US 120v versions, what are all colors available for.
- Marantz SA15-S1:
- Marantz SA15-S2:
- Marantz SA11-S1:
- Marantz SA11-S2:
I've tried both players.

The 840C had better synergy with my system at the time. The mids and highs are a little more forward and the digital inputs are a big plus.

Now that I've changed speakers, I've moved back to Marantz, the SA-15S2. Which is warmer, has a bigger soundstage, and also has a fuller bottom end.

As far as I know, only Marantz's upper players are available in a silver/golden tinted face.