Cambridge Audio 840C vs. Arcam CD-73T

I have an Arcam CD-73T in my bedroom headphone system. It is used with a Single Power MPX-3 headphone amp and Sennheiser HD-650 headphones. The Arcam does its job pretty well. It is used only for rock music. The highs are a tad rolled over, but I much prefer that to a CD player that is bright. Has anyone compared the Cambridge 840C with the Arcam CD-73T? I am looking for sound that is more like the Ayre CX-7e CD player I use in my main system; i.e., smooth and detailed. Will the Cambridge player fit the bill for rock music in my headphone system, or at least be noticeably better than the Arcam?
I have both--the 840c has 2 dacs and upsamples way above the arcam--the arcam is very good-th 840c is great---period
Hello -
Yes, absolutely, the 840C would be a step up as I have heard both and used to own the CD-73T
IMO comparing the top of the line Cambridge Audio 840C to the entry level Arcam CD73T is not a fair comparison.
The CD-73T is ~$700 and the other ~$1600. At that price point for Arcam you may want compare it with the CD192, which is a noticeably better player then the CD 73T, as I did an AB comparison 2 years ago. I ended up purchasing the Arcam FMJ CD36 as I felt it had a bit more dynamics and clarity then the CD192 and better reliability then the Musical Fidelity A5 I was also looking at.

Hope this helps.